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Exercise Guideline

It is no doubt that exercise for 30 minutes every day is benefit a lot to our health, but nearly 75% adults cannot achieve the goal in Taiwan. Where is the problem? Maybe it is not because of insufficient promotion, but due to fundamental reasons. Is 30 minutes too long for people to take exercise? Can it shorten to 15 minutes? National Health Research Institutes research finds out exercise for 15 minutes daily can prolong our lives as well.

Strengthen Food Risk Assessment and Prevention Policy


The World Trade Organization(WTO) is established to promote worldwide trade development and focus on food safety as well. Therefore, it points out in the “Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures”(SPS) clearly that food safety has to build based on the scientific risk assessment.

Improvement of the training and operational environment of 21 Century Health and Medical Personnel

Written by Prof. Andrew T. Huang

There is no denying that Taiwan’s medical system is now collapsing rapidly. In Taiwan, most medical personnel feel very disappointed with their practice environment. Meanwhile, the quality of health care service declines as well. It is a warning that we cannot ignore.

Guidelines for Establishing Healthy Lifestyle and Culture for All


More and more evidences indicate that obesity is the risk factor of various non-communicable diseases. In the early 21 century, the prevalence of obesity of male is over 50% and female is over one third.

Dengue Fever Prevention Policy

Convener: Prof. Hsin-Su Yu and Ying-Chin Ko

Recently, due to the migration and climate change, the dengue fever became more prevalent in 2014 and 2015, threatening general health and life safety in Taiwan. The government had to face this dengue fever issue which brought a serious impact on public health in the society.