Improvement of the training and operational environment of 21 Century Health and Medical Personnel

Written by Prof. Andrew T. Huang

There is no denying that Taiwan’s medical system is now collapsing rapidly. In Taiwan, most medical personnel feel very disappointed with their practice environment. Meanwhile, the quality of health care service declines as well. It is a warning that we cannot ignore.

In order to enhance the quality of health care and maintain the safety of patients, cultivate medical personnel and improve operating environment are closely inseparable issues. We are dedicated to cultivate medical personnel in various fields to promote their professional competence, operating quality, and operating environment, including law, the content and range of medical insurance and the requirement of quality and benefit. Meanwhile, if we can promote general health education, instruct the general correct health conscious, improve the ability of self-care, it will be the effective solution to improve medical benefit and reduce medical expenditure. Furthermore, we need to strengthen the cultivation and teamwork among cross-sector medical personnel.

Otherwise, national health insurance have a deep impact on supply and demand of medical service between medical personnel and patients. In one sense, it also distorts the medical value and behavior among general people and medical industry. Abominable operating environment always cause medical personnel lost their original intention. Besides, the dispute of health insurance almost aims at working hour and income of individual and medical institutions rather than focusing on improvement of medical quality and patient health.  It is regretful that there is no mutual trust between doctors and patients, thus making doctor-patient relationship even worse. Unnecessary and futile medical care cause the waste of medical resources and manpower. Therefore,  how to revise the distorted medical concept and behavior is what we concern about now.

This report is just a beginning. We hope that more and more people can participate actively and collaborate closely to make Taiwan’s medical systems better.

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