Novel Coronavirus Infection in Hospitalized Infants Under 1 Year of Age in China (2020/02/14) +中文摘要轉譯

先前研究指出老人、慢性病患是武漢肺炎重症高危險群,但在嬰兒族群 (出生到一歲之間)的影響目前仍不清楚,根據2020年2月14日美國醫學會臨床期刊報告指出,於2019年12月至2020年2月6日確診武漢肺炎並住院治療之9位嬰兒,其中年紀最小為1個月,最大為11個月,7位為女生,所有確診嬰兒,家族成員至少有一人感染病毒;建議家中有嬰兒的成員應戴口罩、勤洗手、定期消毒嬰兒玩具及餐具,以降低嬰兒感染之風險。(國衛院蔡慧如博士整理)

Since December 8, 2019, an epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread rapidly.1 As of February 6, 2020, China reported 31 211 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 637 fatalities.

Previous studies suggest that COVID-19 is more likely to infect older adult men, particularly those with chronic comorbidities.24 Few infections in children have been reported. We identified all infected infants in China and described demographic, epidemiologic, and clinical features.

Author: Min Wei, Jingping Yuan, Yu Liu, et al.