History Is Repeating Itself, a Probable Zoonotic Spillover as a Cause of an Epidemic: The Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2020/02/01)

Zoonotic diseases have shaped the life of human beings during centuries. Particularly the
dynamics and changes over time make the difference in the occurrence, emergence and re-emergence of such conditions. Pathogen transmission
from a vertebrate animal to a human, also known
as zoonotic spillover, represents a global public
health burden, which while associated with multiple outbreaks, still remains a poorly understood
phenomenon [1]. Zoonotic spillover requires a
blend of several factors to ignite, including the
ecological, epidemiological and behavioral determinants of pathogen exposure, and the within-human intrinsic factors that affect susceptibility to infection, as well as nutritional and cultural
factors, associated with foodborne zoonotic diseases [1, 2].

Author: Alfonso J Rodriguez-Morales, D Katterine Bonilla-Aldana, Graciela Josefina Balbin-Ramon, et al.

Link: https://www.infezmed.it/media/journal/Vol_28_1_2020_1.pdf