Coronavirus Infections and Immune Responses (2020/01/25)

Coronaviruses (CoVs) are by far the largest group of known positive‐sense RNAviruses having an extensive range of natural hosts. In the past few decades, newlyevolved Coronaviruses have posed a global threat to public health. The immuneresponse is essential to control and eliminate CoV infections, however, maladjustedimmune responses may result in immunopathology and impaired pulmonary gasexchange. Gaining a deeper understanding of the interaction between Cor-onaviruses and the innate immune systems of the hosts may shed light onthe development and persistence of inflammation in the lungs and hopefully canreduce the risk of lung inflammation caused by CoVs. In this review, we providean update on CoV infections and relevant diseases, particularly the hostdefense against CoV‐induced inflammation of lung tissue, as well as the role ofthe innate immune system in the pathogenesis and clinical treatment.KEYWORDSchemokine, coronavirus, cytokines, inflammation, interferon.

Author: Geng Li, Yaohuao Fan, Yanni Lai, et al.